AMR meter

SMART Electricity Meters

MID approved SMART meters with cash-less pre-payment

PLC Smart Meter – no SIM card required!

Our PLC (Power Line Carrier) Smart Meter uses the existing mains cable network for FREE secure and reliable data communications. The PLC Smart metering system is ideal for sites such as Holiday Parks with multiple, concentrated, meter installations.

The E450 meter is MID Approved and is available in either Single Phase or Three Phase versions. Each meter includes an integral contactor to enable remote disconnection & reconnection of the power supply.

The E450 PLC Smart Meter can also be connected to your Wi-Fi network in order to present real-time energy usage direct to the consumer’s Smartphone or Tablet using a FREE App.

AMR meter
AMR data concentrator

Data Concentrator – Intelligent & Powerful!

The PLC Data Concentrator (DC450) is installed on site to communicate with all installed meters; one Data Concentrator can communicate with hundreds of meters and is polled remotely using a variety of comms options including GPRS, 3G and Ethernet.

A powerful web based software application displays valuable consumption data such as scheduled kWh readings and Half-Hourly Profiles that can be analysed later for billing purposes.

Using intelligent ‘Mapping’ software the DC450 Data Concentrator automatically detects and monitors communications to and from installed meters.

Robust data feedback from Econtrols

Robust data feedback

Our online software solution is the window to your World of energy supplies! Monitor real-time energy usage anytime and from anywhere.

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Our GSM SMART meters provide the most flexible metering solution to give you complete control of your energy supplies

Our GSM SMART Meters are simply the best! Each meter is approved to MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) standards and is manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of the Energy Supply Companies. A GSM/GPRS Modem + SIM card is fitted as standard and wireless communications to our web based software application is simple to set up. You can choose a data package to suit your application whether it’s for billing using scheduled readings or prepayment of your energy supplies using the PayPoint network.

EM Lite Smart Meter
Econtrols Energy Monitor

Our SMART Energy Monitor gives your consumers increased energy awareness and greater confidence

The In-Home Energy Monitor connects wirelessly to our SMART meter and displays valuable data to the consumer relating to energy usage trends. Real-time energy usage data is displayed instantaneously on the large LCD display and LEDs indicate any sudden increase in consumption.