SMART Meters and Prepayment Metering systems

Energy Controls is the UK’s leading Supplier of SMART Meters and prepayment metering systems

Why Choose Energy Controls?

Energy Controls is an award winning supplier of electricity SMART meters and prepayment metering systems.  With over 25 years’ experience behind us we know everything there is to know about providing the best metering solutions for sub-metering installations.

Our customers know that they can trust in us to provide them with the most accurate and advanced meters with the highest standard of service.

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Econtrols Energy Monitor

In-Home Energy Display

Want to monitor your energy consumption more closely? Try our real-time, wireless Energy Display, it’s the best!

SMART meters – Domestic & Commercial

Our SMART meters are ideal for all types of sub-metering applications ranging from Landlord properties to Holiday Parks and Housing Associations. We also supply Three Phase SMART Meters for larger commercial installations.

Each SMART meter includes an integral GSM/GPRS modem and a SIM card to enable direct, independent communication to our Cloud based software from anywhere in the World using a standard internet connection.

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E470 meter
AMR meter

PLC Smart Meter – no SIM card required!

Our PLC (Power Line Carrier) Smart Meter uses the existing mains cable network for FREE secure and reliable data communications. The PLC Smart metering system is ideal for sites such as Holiday Parks with multiple, concentrated, meter installations.

The E450 meter is MID Approved and is available in either Single Phase or Three Phase versions. Each meter includes an integral contactor to enable remote disconnection & reconnection of the power supply.

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The Sky’s the Limit!

“Energy Controls has the most versatile and cost effective range of meters available in today’s rapidly changing marketplace”

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