E230 Three Phase Meter

kWh Energy Meters

The most functional, cost effective range of energy meters available in the world today.

Three Phase kWh Energy Meters

The E110 generation meter is the perfect choice for consumers who wish to claim Feed-in-Tariff payments from their Solar PV installations. Being fully MID approved to utility company standards, the E110 will offer unbeatable accuracy for many years.

E230 Three Phase Meter

Single Phase kWh Energy Meters

Energy Controls offer a complete range of three phase kWh electricity meters with the highest possible standards of accuracy. Features include active & reactive energy measurement, large LCD display, real-time clock with power reserve.

E650 ZMD Meter

Size doesn’t matter!

Our versatile E650 Three Phase Meter is fully configurable and with CT connections it can cope with any size of load.

Looking for accurate data?
Look no further!

Turn a standard Three Phase meter into an intelligent SMART meter.

The E650/ZMD Three Phase Meter offers a true modular approach to metering; each meter has an integral ‘Plug & Play’ module slot which means it is ideal for standalone metering applications but can be instantly adapted at anytime to form part of a comprehensive Smart metering solution.