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Utility standard software with cashless prepayment service and 24/7 access to online readings

Smart software

We have a fully hosted web based software solution that is considered to be the best on the market. Instant access to energy usage data is available to both Landlord and tenant to help build trust and confidence.

Meter readings are uploaded automatically on a scheduled basis for the user to view, analyse and download. The online web portal can also be used for uploading prepaid credits to meters as well as performing remote tariff updates.

Econtrols smart software
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Flexible prepayment options

With the new Energy Controls App, users of our smart prepay system can now make energy payments direct from their tablet or smartphone

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A variety of energy usage and financial reports are generated automatically and stored securely on our server.

Our customers can access the reports at anytime for analysis and billing purposes, data can also be imported easily into customer specific accounts packages.

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Consumer Friendly 🙂

Our SMART meters come equipped with many consumer friendly optional settings that are designed to prevent out of hours power loss; these include:- push-button Emergency Credit, Disconnection Override periods as well as predefined Holiday Dates when power will remain on even if the meter runs into debt.

Not only are these settings good for the consumer they also relieve pressure on the Landlord/energy reseller, leaving you free to get on with running your business.